Double Breasted Jackets

There’s something terribly boring about the single-breasted jacket.  I’m not entirely sure why the double-breasted suit fell out of fashion, but I still find it incredibly appealing.  Here’s a few of the beauties I came across on the vintage clothing websites today (click the pictures to see more):

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Antique Clock Shop

This morning, I stumbled across a website selling hundreds of gorgeous antique clocks and timepieces:  So many of their products are worth taking a look at, but here’s just a few to whet your appetite:

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3 Modern Classical Music Composers You May Be Unfamiliar With

We all know of Tchaikovsky, Bach, and Beethoven, of course, but here’s three chillingly talented classical music composers that lived (all but one is now deceased) and worked within the last century.

Francis Poulenc (1899-1963):

Manuel de Falla (1876-1946):

Karl Jenkins (1944-Present):

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Abebooks’ Collection of Strange and Unusual Books

Not only does Abebooks provide your regular literature, they also specialize in finding very rare, hard-to-come-by works at stunningly low prices.  I was first informed of by a kind old used book vendor in Washington state a couple of years ago, and I have been grateful ever since.  Especially on account of’s section of “Weird and Wonderful” literature.  Just a few of the intriguing and somewhat humorous titles that might be worth lining the shelves of your library or study:


Peruse the rest here

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Meet Ju Daha, the Korean Queen of Dark Class

Feast your eyes on these photographs of Korean model Ju Daha, who exemplifies the concept of careful stygian elegance.  She embraces darker, vintage-inspired style while looking natural and grown up.  (Also, the backgrounds in some of her shoots are beautifully put together.)

Miss Ju represents the difference between classy and corny, when it comes to adding an element of tenebrous grace to your appearance.  Compare the two photographs below.  In the first, a woman exudes mystery and seductiveness while looking simple and natural, in a way that’s different and intriguing.  In the second, a girl–who might otherwise be a very pretty lady–dresses in a way that screams, “I’m dressing this way to freak out the mean kids in my high school homeroom!  I haven’t grown up yet!”



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Spats: A Classy, Forgotten Footwear Item

Take a gander at the great vintage items at, including some of their spats.  A spat is a type of classic shoe accessory covering the instep and ankle. Spats were primarily worn in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  There’s nothing like some old fashioned, tan or grey felt spats to give your outfit a more affluent feel without being too showy.

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Ghost Furniture

Check out the Ghost Furniture website.  They’re a British based website (which might not be convenient for Americans to purchase from) and are a bit pricey, but they have some wonderful ideas for DIY projects.

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The George Hall Home – built in 1892

Take a look at this hauntingly beautiful Victorian: Queen Anne mansion, originally built in 1892 and now being restored by some brave new owners.  Follow their progress and see some really amazing photographs at their blog here.

Hat tip to

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Watch the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde film (1920)

John Barrymore stars in the renowned silent adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic about a Victorian scientist who turns himself into a murderous abomination.

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde is in the public domain, and can be downloaded here for free:

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Inaugural post

Welcome dear readers to the inaugural post of my new weblog, “Dark Class”.

In the following posts, I will bring you examples of the delightfully dark, the rivetingly rare, and the marvelously macabre, with which you may season your home, wardrobe, and intellect, in elegance and savoir faire.  Avoiding the superabundance of the bright and boring, as well as the cheap cartoonishness of other sites claiming to be “dark” and “macabre,” this blog will bring to the reader’s attention antiques, decoration techniques, architecture, fashion, films, literature, and other miscellanea which possess a peculiar caliginous charm.

Thank you for visiting, and please return often, as this blog will be updated frequently.

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