Meet Ju Daha, the Korean Queen of Dark Class

Feast your eyes on these photographs of Korean model Ju Daha, who exemplifies the concept of careful stygian elegance.  She embraces darker, vintage-inspired style while looking natural and grown up.  (Also, the backgrounds in some of her shoots are beautifully put together.)

Miss Ju represents the difference between classy and corny, when it comes to adding an element of tenebrous grace to your appearance.  Compare the two photographs below.  In the first, a woman exudes mystery and seductiveness while looking simple and natural, in a way that’s different and intriguing.  In the second, a girl–who might otherwise be a very pretty lady–dresses in a way that screams, “I’m dressing this way to freak out the mean kids in my high school homeroom!  I haven’t grown up yet!”



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  1. HAHAHA the woman you call corny and not adult is Mistabys, she is an alternative model (and 31 years old…) she is a real goth girl in life, and not just an ordinary girl with a black dress!

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