Attracting Crows and Ravens

Crows and ravens (and most birds of the corvid family) are very intelligent creatures and make great pets.  However, the US government forbids people to own them as pets, so you can do the next best thing: make friends with wild ones.  Most people view such birds as pests, but if you’re like me, you’re impressed by their beauty and cleverness and would like to attract them to your yard.

The first step to attracting a murder of crows and ravens to your property is to remove anything that might be scaring them away (i.e. something that looks like a large animal or person).  If you have a dog or cat at home, you’re likely not going to keep any of these kinds of birds around for long either.

Corvids are especially fond of corn and cat food.  You’ll have to be careful with the cat food, however, since there is the risk of attracting raccoons (but perhaps you have no qualms with those either).  Corvids catch on quickly, and after a few days of consistent feeding, they will start returning to your home on a regular basis.

These birds also enjoy bird baths that are dark, long, and smooth.  Not only will they drink and bathe in these baths, they will also deposit their excess dead prey there for later.

Crows and ravens are fairly confident creatures, and if you are calm, gentle, and come to be seen as a giver of food, some might let you get close and even pet them.  Just give it time and a consistent effort to attract them and you’ll soon be hearing their lovely caws outside your window every day.

UPDATE: For more advice on attracting corvids to your yard, see the latest post, “Attracting Crows and Ravens: Addendum“.

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  4. I have been putting out sunflower seeds this Spring, and have attracted all sorts of birds, including crows and hawks, often in the same area at the same time. Put out enough seed, and with the birds squirrels and racoons, etc. you’ll think you have opened a zoo!

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  6. Seems like an excellent idea. I am particularly fond of ravens myself.

  7. I like your site and sorry you have not been able to update it in awhile. I have some Ravens visit me every day and they love peanut butter sandwiches. You can scream back at them, because they seem to enjoy that, too. The only problem I have with trying to attract that is that I live near the beach so seagulls are a problem. Nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn to the sound of a hundred seagulls tearing apart the neighbors trash.

  8. Nice. Now i know how to attract them. And then shoot with my air gun.

  9. Sorry. i mean my photo camera

  10. I have been fixing and freeing feral cats for a while now. I do have regular crows that come to the feeding site daily. I would like to provide more for them. They are very alert and cautious.

  11. My sister in law has a huge murder that shows up every evening at her house. She feeds them unsalted peanuts. It’s a amazing sight to see.

  12. I have a balcony on the 6th floor and i out out water bowls and rice for birds. I love crows and they also come for it. But recently i had one crow jump on my balcony shutter and actually look in the door window screen and caw at my cat very loudly! LOL So i don’t know if i agree about them staying away from cats. lol 😀 thanks for the tip I adore crows.

    • *put out

      • NOT rice…PLEASE DON’T. The rice will expand too much in their tummies and will lead to their demise! This is why it is no longer acceptable to throw rice at weddings!

  13. I also think its backwards thinking to be banned from having them as pets yet one can kill them no problem. There should be rules but to ban it is really stupid. Especially when people are having tigers as pets. That should be banned!

  14. Is that moist or dry cat food?

    • Probably ether. They are carrion eaters too!

  15. This is 100% true! I started feeding the two ravens gravy train dog food and soon I attracted over 25! After a month they now allow me to get 10 close to them. They are very inquisitive and fun to watch. They always watch me from the trees inside my home to see where I am. They are very smart!!

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