Attracting Crows and Ravens: Addendum

As a part two to my very popular “Attracting Crows and Ravens” post, I would like to draw your attention to a recently released video that documented an astoundingly simple and effective way to attract more corvids to your yard.  The person in the video employs a sound recording of crows cawing, which promptly attracts a whole murder of crows to the property.  See for yourself:

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  1. […] UPDATE: For more advice on attracting corvids to your yard, see the latest post, “Attracting Crows and Ravens: Addendum“. […]

  2. Thanks for the entertaining crow video! We live up on a wooded hill on Old Peninsula Peninsula overlooking Lake Michigan and I’ve been admiring the occasional majestic crow that stops by. Now I’m wondering if they are amusing or obnoxious after you get to know them. My dad had a pet crow growing up in Winters Texas. It lived outside but would settle on his shoulder when he called it. I think I’ll buy some dried corn and give it a try . . .

  3. The recording sounds like a distress call, perhaps of a young one on the ground not able to fly. I have seen this behavior in the natural and all crows in the area come to help. Typically crows stay in family groups and are territorial towards other family groups until an emergency call comes out. Then they all gather to intimidate the problem.

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