Moon Raven Designs

Elk antlers, human organs, and bird skulls, are just a few of the jewelry designs this amazing Etsy seller offers.  Take a look around their site:

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Antique Parlor Lamp

This delightful accent piece can give your parlor just that right level of dim light: just enough to get around, but not enough to make the place feel cheery.  The very ornate designs and old-fashioned shape give it extra antique charm.

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The World’s Most Macabre Tourist Destination

At least that’s what some have called La Isla De Las Muñecas, an island just South of Mexico City.  When a young girl died in the canals running throughout the area, a man by the name of Don Julián Santana fished a discarded doll out of the waters and placed it in a tree as a memorial to the girl.  Except, he began to find more and more dolls floating in the canals.  Putting them all on display as a way to appease the dead girl’s spirit, the island had accumulated a thousand dolls by the year 2000.

According to an article written on the location:

“Over the years the dolls have naturally decomposed, adding to the eerie background of the island. The sun has blistered many of the dolls, giving their blotched and blistered plastic the appearance of wounds and scars on their skin. The rain and wind have worn away the surface paint so many of the faces are pale and expressionless. Their dull eyes stare out from lifeless faces, while the loss of their fake hair makes them look as though they’re suffering from an incurable, wasting disease.

Many are missing limbs, or have very obviously been given those of another doll. The macabre, mismatched arms and legs are reminiscent of Mary Shelly’s classic Frankenstein’s Monster. Headless dolls are pushed between tree branches or strung from washing lines. The exposed necks provide a welcome home for the many exotic insects and spiders common to Xochimilco.”

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Frosted Goldtone Snake Ring

What better way to express your affection for your significant other than this lovely red-eyed snake ring?  It features a 14-karat gold overlay, two Rosetta red cubic zirconia stones, and has a width of 9 mm (you can get it resized at most jewelry stores for little-to-no cost, if need be).  This little masterpiece can be purchased at

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Vintage Burgundy Crushed Velvet Winter Coat


“Ahhh…if ever there was a Queen Mother of winter coats–a sweet empress of righteous winterwear–this coat is it. Gorgeous burgundy crushed velvet, fake fur collar, and astounding cuffs!  All in perfect condition, and from…Sears?  Apparently Sears had some wicked designers back in the day.”

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Unique Door Hand-le

Ever wish you had someone to greet you as soon as you returned home?  Well, here’s the next best thing!  Designed by Naomi Thellier de Poncheville, and soon to be mass produced by Dutch company Pols Potten, this unique door knob will surely make an impression on all those who come to visit.

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Watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Online

You can now watch Tim Burton’s magical holiday classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, on Youtube for free:

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Watch “Oddities” Online Free

Haven’t been able to catch The Discovery Channel’s great, new show “Oddities”?  Well, neither have I.  Thankfully, you can now watch it on Megavideo for free:

  1. Mummy Cat
  2. The Model Mortician
  3. Spider Prank
  4. Mummified Hand
  5. Skull Envy
  6. Four Legged Chicken — coming soon

If any of these links cease to work, please leave a comment on this post letting me know, and I will try to find a new, functioning video link as soon as possible.

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Edison’s Talking Doll Gone Wrong

Hat tip to the Morbid Anatomy blog.

When Thomas Edison had just founded his company, General Electric, one of his first and quickly forgotten inventions was an attempt at a talking doll.  The dolls contained a miniature phonograph with a recording of what is meant to be a little girl singing twelve different nursery rhymes.

Says GE Reports: “Unfortunately, production delays, poor recording technology, high production costs, and damages during distribution all combined to create toys that were a complete disaster, terrifying children and costing their parents nearly a month’s pay.  Edison would later refer to the dolls as his ‘little monsters’.”

Listen to a recording of the doll reciting “Little Jack Horner” by clicking here.

Since the phonograph seems to be inside the mid-section of the doll’s body, I assume that the vocal function of the toy would still function if the head were removed from the rest of the body.  That being said, I want one!

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1838 Italianate House

Found this dream, called the “Thornton Niven” House, via  She was constructed at the very dawn of the Victorian era, in the Historic District of Newburgh, New York.  There’s four bedrooms, three and a half baths, two stories, and 3490 heated square feet.  If you’re interested, find more information here.

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