Antique Victorian Liquor Tantalus

Exceptional antique Victorian era 15″ liquor tantalus in heavy old European oak with neo-Gothic brass straps, a veritable compendium with tobacco compartments and unique hidden games or paraphernalia drawer! Dating to the late 1800s and the condition really leaves little to nothing to be desired. Magnificent visual appeal in the rich oak and Gothic style brass strapping. The size is nearly as impressive as its comprehensive design. Three functions, the liquor tantalus at the rear, cigar and/or cigarette holder in the top front and a game or accoutrement drawer beneath. When the upper panels are opened, the decanters are able to slide out (not when closed) and there is a spring release button that unlocks the lower hidden drawer. A very unique, stylish and beautiful piece….don’t miss it! One of the finest of its kind that I’ve had the pleasure to offer.

Very good condition. Just as you see it, no veneers’s solid oak and the entire piece with decanters weighs a whopping 23 pounds (10.4 kg). The decanters may or may not be original and have a pressed faceted design and huge, heavy stoppers. Possibly a missing wood divider or two in the compartmented interior. No markings other than the “Bramah” mark on the inside lock but I would not be surprised if this came from Betjemann or other reputable maker. Everything shown is included. It is missing the key though.

Hat tip to Ruby Lane Antiques.

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