The World’s Most Macabre Tourist Destination

At least that’s what some have called La Isla De Las Muñecas, an island just South of Mexico City.  When a young girl died in the canals running throughout the area, a man by the name of Don Julián Santana fished a discarded doll out of the waters and placed it in a tree as a memorial to the girl.  Except, he began to find more and more dolls floating in the canals.  Putting them all on display as a way to appease the dead girl’s spirit, the island had accumulated a thousand dolls by the year 2000.

According to an article written on the location:

“Over the years the dolls have naturally decomposed, adding to the eerie background of the island. The sun has blistered many of the dolls, giving their blotched and blistered plastic the appearance of wounds and scars on their skin. The rain and wind have worn away the surface paint so many of the faces are pale and expressionless. Their dull eyes stare out from lifeless faces, while the loss of their fake hair makes them look as though they’re suffering from an incurable, wasting disease.

Many are missing limbs, or have very obviously been given those of another doll. The macabre, mismatched arms and legs are reminiscent of Mary Shelly’s classic Frankenstein’s Monster. Headless dolls are pushed between tree branches or strung from washing lines. The exposed necks provide a welcome home for the many exotic insects and spiders common to Xochimilco.”

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