Raven Skull Necklace

From Gothic Rose Antiques: “Large 3 1/2″ long raven skull on silver tone chain. Skull is heavy silver plated jeweler’s bronze, with a gun metal sheen, recently artist made. A real eye catcher! Other items in the picture are for sale also and sold separately.”

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Amadeus Table Lamp

The No. 1/1 blog is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorites.

Created with a bronze base in the shape of the Hindu god Ganesh, and featuring a deep crimson lampshade with antique gold fringe, this 33 inch tall chef d’oeuvre is the handcrafted work of Art Donovan.  If you’re interested in it, you can contact the creator through the Email link on this page.

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Delicious and Disgusting Sculptures

Food artist Helga Petrau-Heinzel has fashioned these repulsive, but apparently scrumptious, sculptures out of marzipan to make the point that what is unappealing on the outside can often be appealing on the inside.  Here’s just a few of Heinzel’s creations:

Hat tip to Oddity Central.

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Classy Bags and Briefcases

If Sage Magazine isn’t in your favorites list yet, it should be.  Take a look at these fantastic, vintage bags and briefcases they found for sale on Ebay:

Most of these wonderful items will unfortunately be sold out by the time you’re reading this post.  If that’s the case, then search for newer listings here.

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Macabre Paper Crafts

These Madrid-based Etsy sellers, whose online shop is dubbed “Damn French Desserts“, have some damn fine items to sell:

Hat tip to The Steampunk Home.

By the way, if you’re reading this before January 31, 2011, go here to enter The Steampunk Home’s drawing for some freebies from Damn French Desserts!

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Where to Buy Poisonous Hemlock

No garden or apothecary is complete without that famed killer of Socrates, conium maculatum, more commonly known as poison hemlock.  Where can you buy such a fascinating plant (with many non-poison uses in its dried state, as well)?  HerbalFire.com can assist you.

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Listen to Dark Classical Music

I’ve just added a nifty, little widget to the sidebar of this blog for your enjoyment.  Play through over twenty dark, classical songs while you browse the site!  The currently available titles include:

  • “Prelude and Fugue in A Minor” by Bach
  • “Prelude and Fugue in B Minor” by Bach
  • “Prelude and Fugue in C Minor” by Bach
  • “Prelude and Fugue in E Minor (Cathedral)” by Bach
  • “Sonata No. 5 in F Minor” by Bach
  • “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” by Bach
  • “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven
  • “Hungarian Dance, No. 5” by Brahms
  • “Libertango” by C. Giorgi
  • “Organ Concerto, Movements I-III” by Francis Poulenc
  • “La Cumparsita” by Gerardo Hernan Matos Rodriguez
  • “Concerto in A Minor, Parts 1 & 3” by J.G. Walther and G. Torelli
  • “Colores de Tango” by Otra
  • “Con Impetu” by Otra
  • “La Follia” by Vivaldi
  • “The Four Seasons: Summer” by Vivaldi

If you want to make your own mp3 player for your blog or website, visit Playlist.com.

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Roaring Lion Head Wall Plaque

Our compatriots at Gothic Rose Antiques never disappoint, especially not with their latest addition–this regal, roaring lion head wall plaque:

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Learn to Fence

What sport could be more glamorous and elegant than bladed combat?  If you’ve been wanting to learn fencing, but haven’t gotten around to it, now’s the time.  Teach yourself a bit about the history of the sport, learn where to begin, enjoy comprehensive online fencing tutorials, and make sure you have acceptable gear.

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Wood Wall Paneling

Want to give your home’s interior a more classy, old-fashioned look?  Consider adding wood wall paneling to the walls.  RemodelGuide.com can get you started, and NewEnglandClassic.com or WallPanellingCorp.com have an excellent array of classic wood paneling to choose from.

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