Thistled Light Fixture

From Antiques Gothic on Ruby Lane: “This is an attractive, bronze, ceiling light in the Gothic or Tudor style, circa 1920s. This light featuring dragons and thistles, hangs 22″ from the ceiling and has a diameter of 18″. It has 5 bulbs in a horizontal configuration and has been rewired for installation. This light would be perfect for an entrance hall or dinette area.”

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Black Leather Harlequin Lamp

This striking lamp by Leslie Tarbell Donovan, featured on, has a leather exterior with a black and white harlequin pattern outside.  The piece is dark, unique, and attention-grabbing.

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White and Black Damask Pillow Covers

From Etsy today:

“Two 16 x 16 inch handmade pillow covers with a designer fabric. Osborne Black Damask Premier Prints. This is an awesome design. Premium colorful heavy cotton The back is a crisp black cotton with coordinating strip at enclosure. Really stunning!

Envelope opening in the back. The easiest way to insert a pillow form. Pillow form NOT encluded.”

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Mannequin Armed Dressing Table

Ghost Furniture always has a knack for adding creepy human elements to their furniture.  This restored, vintage, black and brown dressing table features an attached mannequin arm as a ring holder.

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Dark Wedding Gift

Gothic Rose Antiques always has a great selection of unique items, and their newest additions do not disappoint.  I really enjoy their charming “Till Death Do Us Part” wedding gift, featuring a photo of two human skulls in an ornate metal frame.  Of course, this gift doesn’t necessarily have to be for a wedding.  You can display it in celebration of your romance, whatever the status.

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Gothic Armchair

Newly arrived at M. Markley Antiques is this French gothic armchair with medieval heraldry.

“[It] displays a wealth of stylistic elements of earlier times, including Gothic, Renaissance and Louis XIII.  In its overall structure, it resembles the armchairs with high backs and stretchers fashioned from elaborate turnings which became all the rage in Paris around 1650, shortly after the death of Louis XIII.  But the persistence of Renaissance style is evidenced by the graceful, curving acanthus leaf pattern at the end of the arms.  The wooden pediment atop the back owes its inspiration to earlier, Gothic style, or what the French call Henri II,  borrowed from high-backed ceremonial chairs of the Middle Ages resembling thrones and reserved for seating important personages.  Made of solid oak, the chair has been covered in a fabric with designs from medieval manuscripts and traditional symbols such as the fleur-de-lys.”

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Where to Buy a Medieval Spiked Mace last week highlighted the medieval flanged mace (also sometimes known as the “morning star” or “spiked mace”): “A deadly effective spiked mace is the flanged mace. The metal flanges, protruding edges of metal, allowed the wielder to pierce through even the thickest metal armor. In 12th century Kievan Russia the Pernach was developed. It featured six flanges and became popular across Europe for its ability to pierce plate armor and chainmail.”

You can buy one for your own home from for $119.

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Wooden Anatomical Eve

The Morbid Anatomy blog has a fascinating piece of art on their website today: this wooden statue of Eve, whose skull and ventral flesh can be removed to reveal her anatomy within.  This educational aid is from an anonymous private collection, and was displayed at an exhibit in Belgium in 2008.

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Minaret Wall Lamp

Another beautiful piece from the No. 1/1 blog: this “Caravan” wall lamp features a mosque dome shaped lampshade (made of ebonized mahogany and white spun filament diffuser), a solid brass and satin finished body, and a twenty two inch silk tassle.  Exotic and appealing, this hand-made masterpiece is the work of artist Art Donovan.

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Shockingly Creepy Taxidermy Jewelry

Here’s what you should have gotten your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.  Oddee lists ten of the most shockingly creepy pieces of taxidermy jewelry:

See the rest of the pieces.

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