Comedy & Tragedy Masks

I’ve always loved the idea of using these drama masks as decoration.  The eerie, monochromatic facial features, coupled with the eyeless sockets gives it a macabre appeal.  Check out for the best deals:

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Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, c.1870

At Antiques Gothic on Ruby Lane today:

“Here’s a sweet, very early wall cuckoo clock in the Gothic revival style which was popular in the 1860’s and 1870’s. Carved of walnut, the cuckoo has its original bone hands and cuckoo bird on the wooden perch. The whistles and numbers were replaced, as was the top ornament which is from a Bahnhausle style clock and can be removed if the buyer prefers. Clock is running and striking fine, but no guarantee some adjustment will not be needed after shipping. Clock has a 30 hour weight drive wooden plate brass gear movement typical of the 1870’s. Measures 18.5” H to top of ornament and 12.5” W at crown. A nice old cuckoo in a style we don’t often find today.”

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Bronze, Hand-Shaped Door Knockers

Make a charming first impression upon your visitors with a bronze door knocker in the shape of a human hand.  The best location to search for deals on these lovely novelties is a simple Ebay search.

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Simple, Old World Style Furniture

Observe these quality, old-fashioned looking pieces of furniture from Malvini Furniture Factory in Belgium.  Normally, I’d say the more ornate and regal, the better… but the simple, rustic, medieval style of these tables and chairs is truly compelling:

Hat tip to Designers Block UK.

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Tuxedo Hampton Wall Lamp

Donovan Design is the king of wall lamps.  Admire their Tuxedo Hampton model:

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Tranquility Locket

This wonderful little Victorian style locket is for sale on Etsy today:

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Iron Bird Bookends

I absolutely love Gothic Rose Antiques’s latest addition: a pair of gothic, black iron bookends in the shape of birds of prey.

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Ornate Savonarola Chairs

Amongst M. Markley Antiques’s recent arrivals are these exquisite, ornately carved, walnut Savonarola chairs.  Savonarola chairs, also known as “Dante chairs” or “scissors chairs,” are X-shaped folding chairs whose use dates back to medieval Italy.

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Where to Buy an Affordable Scimitar

Yesterday, posted a great, little informative piece on the history of the scimitar.  Give it a read!  If you’d like to own a scimitar yourself, I would highly recommend the Kult of Athena shop, where you can buy an historically accurate and quality Persian scimitar for only $179.95.  (Many other scimitars sell for twice that amount.)

Also, enjoy this interesting, and at times unintentionally humorous, video demonstrating the use of a scimitar:


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Experience the Eruption of Vesuvius First-Hand

Discovery Times Square’s “Pompeii, The Exhibit” allows you to transport yourself to the last moment of life for hundreds of human beings, when Mt. Vesuvius erupted 2000 years ago.  This epic exhibit features 250 artifacts, many of which have never been seen before, as well as “the largest collection of body casts ever on display,” including “a dramatic skeleton collection.”  Visit the website here!

Hat tip to the Morbid Anatomy blog.

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