Vintage, Black Party Dress

From Etsy:

Gorgeous and Very Sexy vintage 50’s dress by Frank Star Originals, no size present. Midnight black chantilly lace over jet black acetate taffeta lining. Dress is made very well, light weight.

Halter dress, with hooks on the back of neck, nude illusion bodice covered in lace and black sequins. Low cut fitted bodice with darts, waist is fitted with belt loops, no belt included.
Side metal zipper this works good, very full skirt, show in pics with crinoline slip to show the fullness, this is not included. Dress is in wonderful condition, only couple small flaws found on the skirt, found small repair on the lace and on the bodice very small repair, a couple of age spots, over 50 years old, still Beautiful.

Bust- 34″
Waist- 24″
Hips- 36″
Length- 41″

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Haunting Shipwreck Photographs

Dark Roasted Blend has a link to a mesmerizing piece on Twisted Sifter, which displays photographs of twenty five of some of the most haunting shipwrecks in our world’s seas.  They point out a UN estimate of about 3 million shipwrecks currently on the ocean floors.  Here’s just a few of my favorites:

Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

Gytheio, Greece

Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

Woody Point, Redcliffe Peninsula, Australia

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Bats in Dublin

The Ravishing Beasts Taxidermy blog has uncovered a trove of beautiful photos by Michael Stamp depicting taxidermied bats in the Dublin, Ireland Natural History Museum.  Here’s just a few of them:

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Dark, Classy Furniture from Anthropologie

I’ve just been introduced to the Anthropologie website, and have discovered some terrific items amongst their stock.  These pieces exude the murky, peculiar, high class, antique look that we love so much here at Dark Class:

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Alice In Wonderland Garden Statues

From the wonderful Victorian Trading Co.:

Springing from the imaginative pages of Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic, the three main characters will mingle with the garden flowers or grace an interior. Inspired by the antique illustrations of John Tenniel. The story was comprised of ridiculous personalities hailing from Carroll’s own life. The author deemed himself the “Dodo”,  given his serious stammer.
Mad Hatter. 20″.
White Rabbit. 14″.
Alice. 19″.

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Large, Antique, Gothic Shelf

From Antiques Gothic on Ruby Lane:

This is a large antique gothic shelf originally from a church. It is magnificent! It’s made from wood and chalk and has a chippy surface due to the creamy white paint that is peeling off in some very small areas. I was told there is probably horse hair mixed in with the chalk to make it extra sturdy.

Here’s the challenge for you. I’ve had to take pictures of it up side down on the floor because I can’t hang it anywhere. Once it’s hung, it’s there for a long time. So, I’ve straightened two of the pictures to show you how it is supposed to look when hung. Also, I don’t want to risk damaging the finial at the bottom by resting it upright.

It’s in very good condition. I don’t see any details that have been chipped or broken off at all. The back is hollowed out for hanging, but it still has some weight to it, probably 30 lbs. or so.

It measures approx. 29″ wide, 30″ tall and 21″ deep.

This will need to be shipped by a trucking company, blanket wrapped.

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Buy Clothing Designed by Laura the Mortician from Oddities

After Episode 2 of the Discovery Channel’s show, “Oddities,” aired — the quirky and fair mortician-turned-designer, identified only as “Laura,” became the subject of a little bit of a hunt on the part of the show’s fans.  It turns out that she was not just an actress, but an actual clothing designer named Laura Flook.  And she’s no third-rate designer, either!  Her Victorian-inspired designs are fetching, yet original.  Head on over to her website at (and her online store, at to admire (and hopefully purchase) some of her works:

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Cement Factory Turned Mansion

Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill has made this Barcelona cement factory into a luxurious home, art studio and workspace.  With 33,368 square feet of floor space, plus gardens, and a house area of 5,382 square feet, this grand project was completed in 1975.  One has to admire the enormously high ceilings and the dark, rustic decor gracing the interior.  The look, both inside and out, is akin to a Medieval gothic castle.

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The Best of Dark Class

Thank you, dear readers, for helping make the Dark Class blog read by an average of 140 unique visitors every day!  To celebrate how far the blog has come, here’s the five most popular and well-trafficked blog posts on this website:

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#5. Macabre Jokes

Addams Family Broadway Musical Gets Better and Better

If you’ve been putting off seeing the Addams Family musical on Broadway, you should really consider doing so now.  The musical numbers and dialogues have been pared and refined to perfection over the past few months, and with Roger Rees taking over from the equally brilliant Nathan Lane, as the new Gomez Addams, this macabre comedy is the best it’s ever been.

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