Large, Antique, Gothic Shelf

From Antiques Gothic on Ruby Lane:

This is a large antique gothic shelf originally from a church. It is magnificent! It’s made from wood and chalk and has a chippy surface due to the creamy white paint that is peeling off in some very small areas. I was told there is probably horse hair mixed in with the chalk to make it extra sturdy.

Here’s the challenge for you. I’ve had to take pictures of it up side down on the floor because I can’t hang it anywhere. Once it’s hung, it’s there for a long time. So, I’ve straightened two of the pictures to show you how it is supposed to look when hung. Also, I don’t want to risk damaging the finial at the bottom by resting it upright.

It’s in very good condition. I don’t see any details that have been chipped or broken off at all. The back is hollowed out for hanging, but it still has some weight to it, probably 30 lbs. or so.

It measures approx. 29″ wide, 30″ tall and 21″ deep.

This will need to be shipped by a trucking company, blanket wrapped.

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  1. Would it be possible to have this made into a hat, crown? This as a hat would really frame my eyes and let everyone know that I am a person to be adored. When I was a marvelous ice skater, this would have crown me as the most fabulous ice skater ever! Even more people would adore me. But the downside is that everyone is seriously jealous of me, especially here in Dallas. I would even wear this while intercontinently traveling from country to country, then to Paris, Milan, London etc for my runaway modeling. I’d prance like a dancing deer glistening down the runway. You get the picture.
    That being said, please let me know when you will you will have this made into a hat for me.

  2. Can I buy all 3 Alice in Wonderland gardan statues I live in cornwall England

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