Palmistry Hand from Gothic Rose Antiques

Gothic Rose Antiques has a particularly enchanting new item in stock.  This palmistry hand statue comes with a how-to booklet for reading palms.  The hand is 5″ in height, and an imaginative buyer can find many uses for his delightful piece of decor.  Take a look at it and all the other wonderful items for sale at Gothic Rose Antiques.

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Victorian Antimacassars

Fashion Dig has the perfect antimacassars for your favorite chair.  Antimaccassars are, of course, the small covers that drape over the back and arms of your chair.  These Victorian relics are selling for an amazingly inexpensive $48 and are in very good condition.  The lustrous browns and dark reds, as well as the intricate patterns and weaving, add an older and classier look to whatever room you use them in.

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Owl Messenger Bag

There’s just something charming about nocturnal predators.  And what better of such creatures to have on your messenger bag than an owl?  These shoulder strap messenger bags being sold on Etsy look perfect for holding your books, carrying your laptop, or swooping down and breaking the necks of small rodents.  The bag comes in a few different colors.

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5 of the Strangest Culinary Delights in the World

In the Directory Journal this week is a fascinating article on 5 of the strangest dishes that one can sample in various parts of the world.  Everything from a deadly, poisonous fish that takes years of training to prepare, to food that wriggles all the way down your throat, to a freshly boiled duck embryo that you suck straight from the shell.  These, of course, might seem revolting to some of our readers, but have you ever stopped to think about how terrible some of the foods you routinely consume might seem to people from other parts of the world?  Bon Appétit!

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Listen to Harpsichord Music While You Work

If you’re a lover of the harpsichord, then you should be aware of’s free music channel devoted entirely to harpsichord masterpieces.  There’s an almost endless stream of music from the website, so you won’t grow bored easily.  It makes a lovely, relaxing background to whatever work you have to do throughout the day.  There are the occasional non-harpsichord pieces that have accidentally been mislabeled, which slip into the channel now and then, but you can skip past any tracks you don’t particularly enjoy.

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Stained Glass Fleur de Lis Lamp

Antiques Gothic at Ruby Lane has an exquisite, new, stained glass lamp decorated with swirling fleur de lis.  The dusty green and crimson hues add a subdued, earthy look to your table top.  Would be great to add a little extra light to your library, or even just to help you relax in a sitting room.

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