Antique Armoires and Cabinets

M. Markley Antiques has acquired quite the collection of antique armoires and display cabinets, particularly of the Renaissance, Louis XIII, and Louis XIV eras.  These beautiful pieces can be used to hold your wardrobe, to display books or heirlooms, or even to conceal more sinister things.  The woodworking is exquisitely intricate and the material is of undeniably high quality.

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Where to Buy a Suit of Armor

Whether it’s for display in your main hall or for wearing around the house, an authentic suit of Medieval armor is a great investment and can be passed down as an heirloom in your family for many generations. sells a wide variety of suits, from Gothic to Tournament to Samurai.  They range in price from $1900 to $11,000.  A bit pricey, but at least they’re high quality.

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11 Ways to Make a Modern House Look Victorian

Have you gotten stuck with a boring, plain, modern house?  You can easily turn it into a charming Victorian one.  Here are some simple and effective ideas:

1. Install Exterior Trim

2. Put Up Crown Moldings

3. Surround the Property with an Iron Fence

4. Switch to Vintage Plumbing

5. Mount a Few Gargoyles

6. Use Wooden Doors

7. Vintage Light Fixtures

8. Build a Greenhouse Conservatory

9. Frame and Display Portraits of Your Ancestors

10. Use Victorian Window Frames

11. It’s All About the Wallpaper

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The Galen C. Moses House (c. 1874)

The Galen C. Moses House was designed for Mr. Moses, a successful area bank president and philanthropist, by the architect Frances Fassett in 1874, and then redesigned in 1901 by John Calvin Stevens.  Situated on “the handsomest residential street in the state of Maine,” this veritable museum of a home is on sale in Bath, Maine for $624,900.

With a new coat of nice grey paint, a well-sharpened wrought-iron fence, and some thorn bushes in the landscaping, this home would make a wonderfully haunting estate.

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Dark & Classy at JC Penney

Who says one has to spend tens of thousands of dollars to achieve a high class look in one’s abode?  These lovely pieces can be purchased from JC Penney:

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Rustic Lanterns for Your Dungeon Hallways

These aged, ornately decorated, iron lanterns are the perfect fixtures to illuminate the dank, stone passageways of your subterranean dungeons and torture chambers.  Or, perhaps merely your front porch or garden.  For less than thirty dollars, such quality is practically a steal.  It’s little items like this that make the Victorian Trading Company one of my all-time favorite online merchants.

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Palmistry Hand from Gothic Rose Antiques

Gothic Rose Antiques has a particularly enchanting new item in stock.  This palmistry hand statue comes with a how-to booklet for reading palms.  The hand is 5″ in height, and an imaginative buyer can find many uses for his delightful piece of decor.  Take a look at it and all the other wonderful items for sale at Gothic Rose Antiques.

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Victorian Antimacassars

Fashion Dig has the perfect antimacassars for your favorite chair.  Antimaccassars are, of course, the small covers that drape over the back and arms of your chair.  These Victorian relics are selling for an amazingly inexpensive $48 and are in very good condition.  The lustrous browns and dark reds, as well as the intricate patterns and weaving, add an older and classier look to whatever room you use them in.

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Stained Glass Fleur de Lis Lamp

Antiques Gothic at Ruby Lane has an exquisite, new, stained glass lamp decorated with swirling fleur de lis.  The dusty green and crimson hues add a subdued, earthy look to your table top.  Would be great to add a little extra light to your library, or even just to help you relax in a sitting room.

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1929 Cadillac Hearse

This link may be outdated by the time you’re reading this, but I thought you would be interested in seeing this 1929 Cadillac Hearse for sale on Ebay.  The stylish, ornate artwork that adorns this vehicle is just breathtaking.  The first thing one notices about the car would have to be the large, gothic half-cross perched atop the roof, as well as the sweeping ridges.  Talk about dying in style!

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