Film Review: “The Woman in Black”

James Watkins’s 2012 thriller/horror movie “The Woman in Black” stars Daniel Radcliffe and takes place in a gloomy little Victorian era English burg.  The story revolves around a mysterious figure–a woman shrouded in black–whose appearance always foreshadows the death of an innocent child.  The movie isn’t as scary as I would like it; it depends more upon shock and surprise than psychological thrill.  Daniel Radcliffe’s character seems to just stumble from one creepy surprise to another, as though he were going through a haunted house attraction at Halloween.  There’s little storyline or mystery to solve, and many of the frightening signs that Radcliffe witnesses are gratuitous.  The atmosphere, however, is positively beautiful, and the decaying old mansion in which most of the film takes place is gorgeous.  I recommend watching the film, if only for the mere beauty of it.  It’s not a bad film by any means.  Just don’t expect to come away from it severely disturbed.

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5 Interesting Ways to Dispose of Your Corpse

Thinking about taking your last breaths and wishing there were a method of disposal for your body more interesting than simply being stuck in a coffin and left to decompose in the ground?  Well, there are many more interesting options!

1. Life Gems

LifeGem is a company that will take your cremated ashes and turn it into an actual, certified diamond.  The company extracts the carbon from your remains, purifies it, and subjects it to intense heat and pressure.  The gem can then be mounted on a ring and worn by a loved one forever.

2. Eco-Burial

A Swedish company called Promessa Organic will freeze your corpse until it becomes brittle, and then subject it to powerful vibrations that turn it into powder.  The powder is then poured into a cornstarch urn, which can be buried and composted in a shallow grave.

3. Buddhist Sky Burial

The hard, rocky ground in Tibet does not serve well for digging graves, and coupled with the region’s many reincarnationist Buddhists who believe that the dead human body is an empty vessel that has no more use, the tradition of sky burial has become quite common in Tibet.  If you so prefer, you can have your body dismembered and crushed into a pulp, which is mixed with barley flour, tea, and yak butter.  Buddhist monks will then feed your remains to hungry vultures in the desert.

4. Burial in Outer Space

Forget burial in ground or at sea.  An American company called Celestis Memorial Space Flights now offers to launch your remains outside the Earth’s stratosphere.  Celestis offers four different burial options for your cremated remains: you can orbit the Earth for a while and then crash back onto the surface ($695), you can orbit the Earth permanently ($2495), you can crash onto the surface of the moon ($9995), or you can be launched into deep space ($12,500).

5. Human Taxidermy

Cut decomposition out of the picture entirely.  Let your loved ones remember you in death as you were in life.  Human Taxidermy Services can stuff and mount your corpse, just like they can do for any pet.  Whether you simply want to be lying down ($2000), you want to be giving a military salute ($5000), or even something as novel as the pose of Michelangelo’s “David” statue ($10,000), HTS puts the “fun” back in “funeral”!

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Black Marilyn Monroe Robe

What woman wouldn’t look ravishing in this black nell dressing gown, inspired by pin-up legend Marilyn Monroe?  There are a couple of these going for $150 on  Explains Betty Blue, the creator of this minxy masterpiece:

It is made of the same buttery soft jersey that is stretchy and comfy, of the original Nell. It also has the same beautiful lace midriff section that moulds to the curves of your body, nipping you in, in all the right places.

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Kristina Bazan in Black & Red

Swiss fashionista Kristina Bazan recently showcased a gorgeous black and red outfit on her blog, Kayture.  Her ingredients were as follows:

SHOES : Mango
BAG : Fab. by Kayture
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Cardigan and Bow Tie Onesie

If I had a little rascal of my own, I’d dress him in this navy and grey gingham onesie being sold on

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Owl Messenger Bag

There’s just something charming about nocturnal predators.  And what better of such creatures to have on your messenger bag than an owl?  These shoulder strap messenger bags being sold on Etsy look perfect for holding your books, carrying your laptop, or swooping down and breaking the necks of small rodents.  The bag comes in a few different colors.

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Black Velvet Smoking Jacket

From the Gentleman’s Emporium:

Welcome the night in our luxurious black velvet smoking jacket, with rich trim throughout.

While today the smoking jacket is an elegant alternative to a formal tuxedo, in the Victorian era this garment served a much more specific purpose in at-home entertainment. Scrupulously dressed 19th century gentlemen (who literally had a coat for every occasion) would don a soft, often velvet, loose jacket over their clothing as a protective barrier from the odors of their smoking indulgences. Plus, it would provide winter warmth when they were banned to the smoking porch by the ladies!

Our more contemporary interpretation of the perennially hip smoking jacket features a rich black velvet body with a deep shawl collar which wraps around luxuriously to the inner lining. The exterior is trimmed with two waist flap pockets and one breast pocket. Complementary front and cuff buttons complete the look.

Two interior breast pockets and one small ticket pocket offer ample storage for the day’s necessities.

Imported, 100% cotton body, fully lined with a satin-finish poly/viscose fabric. Professionally dry clean only.

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Vintage, Black Party Dress

From Etsy:

Gorgeous and Very Sexy vintage 50’s dress by Frank Star Originals, no size present. Midnight black chantilly lace over jet black acetate taffeta lining. Dress is made very well, light weight.

Halter dress, with hooks on the back of neck, nude illusion bodice covered in lace and black sequins. Low cut fitted bodice with darts, waist is fitted with belt loops, no belt included.
Side metal zipper this works good, very full skirt, show in pics with crinoline slip to show the fullness, this is not included. Dress is in wonderful condition, only couple small flaws found on the skirt, found small repair on the lace and on the bodice very small repair, a couple of age spots, over 50 years old, still Beautiful.

Bust- 34″
Waist- 24″
Hips- 36″
Length- 41″

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Buy Clothing Designed by Laura the Mortician from Oddities

After Episode 2 of the Discovery Channel’s show, “Oddities,” aired — the quirky and fair mortician-turned-designer, identified only as “Laura,” became the subject of a little bit of a hunt on the part of the show’s fans.  It turns out that she was not just an actress, but an actual clothing designer named Laura Flook.  And she’s no third-rate designer, either!  Her Victorian-inspired designs are fetching, yet original.  Head on over to her website at (and her online store, at to admire (and hopefully purchase) some of her works:

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Heiress Angora Sweater

Yet another magnificent addition to your wardrobe from the Victorian Trading Co.:

A magnificent design is nothing shy of sublime. Velvet collar and cuffs are trimmed in rabbit fur, shimmery beads and soutache braid. Wool, nylon, angora. Rabbit fur trim. S/M, L/XL, 1X/2X. Necklace. 16″ w/ 4″ ext.

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