Film Review: “The Woman in Black”

James Watkins’s 2012 thriller/horror movie “The Woman in Black” stars Daniel Radcliffe and takes place in a gloomy little Victorian era English burg.  The story revolves around a mysterious figure–a woman shrouded in black–whose appearance always foreshadows the death of an innocent child.  The movie isn’t as scary as I would like it; it depends more upon shock and surprise than psychological thrill.  Daniel Radcliffe’s character seems to just stumble from one creepy surprise to another, as though he were going through a haunted house attraction at Halloween.  There’s little storyline or mystery to solve, and many of the frightening signs that Radcliffe witnesses are gratuitous.  The atmosphere, however, is positively beautiful, and the decaying old mansion in which most of the film takes place is gorgeous.  I recommend watching the film, if only for the mere beauty of it.  It’s not a bad film by any means.  Just don’t expect to come away from it severely disturbed.

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Odd Folks Home

I’m quite excited about the Science Channel’s new television series, “Odd Folks Home”.  From the now-famous mortician-turned-clothing-designer Laura Flook, to a woman who collects things that come out of her dog, to a man who paints masterpieces with his own blood.  The 30-minute episodes are interspersed with fascinating factoids of the macabre.

Check out the preview, below.  If you don’t get the Science channel at home, you can purchase each episode for streaming on YouTube for only $1.99.

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All of Edward Gorey’s Animated “Mystery” Intros

One of my fondest memories as a child (and most likely a great part of the reason why I’m slightly mentally disturbed as an adult) was eagerly waiting for the Edward Gorey animated intros and bumpers for the public broadcasting station’s “Mystery” television series.  Finally, thanks to Youtube, I can enjoy them all again, and I’d like to share them all with you:

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Buy Clothing Designed by Laura the Mortician from Oddities

After Episode 2 of the Discovery Channel’s show, “Oddities,” aired — the quirky and fair mortician-turned-designer, identified only as “Laura,” became the subject of a little bit of a hunt on the part of the show’s fans.  It turns out that she was not just an actress, but an actual clothing designer named Laura Flook.  And she’s no third-rate designer, either!  Her Victorian-inspired designs are fetching, yet original.  Head on over to her website at (and her online store, at to admire (and hopefully purchase) some of her works:

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The Best of Dark Class

Thank you, dear readers, for helping make the Dark Class blog read by an average of 140 unique visitors every day!  To celebrate how far the blog has come, here’s the five most popular and well-trafficked blog posts on this website:

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Watch the Film, “M,” Online for Free

Fritz Lang’s classic German film, “M,” was the originator of the modern serial killer thriller.  One of the early films that had sound, this film has in many regards never been surpassed.  It still ranks as the #55 best film of all time, on IMDB.  You can watch the full film, for free, right here.  Just make sure, if you speak English rather than German, that you click the “CC” button at the bottom of the video player, in order to get English subtitles.

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Nightmarish, Old Cartoon

Offered without comment:

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Watch The Hitchcock Hour’s “The Jar” Online, Free

Did you know you can watch full episodes of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic television show, The Hitchcock Hour, online on, for free?  (Also, check out episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.)

Here’s one of my all-time favorite Hitchcock pieces, entitled “The Jar”.  “A backwoods man becomes the center of attention when he buys a jar with a mysterious object floating in it.”

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Watch Vampyr Online Free

Vampyr is a 1932 horror film directed by Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer. The film was written by Dreyer and Christen Jul based on elements from J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s collection of supernatural stories In a Glass Darkly. Vampyr was funded by Nicolas de Gunzburg who starred in the film under the name of Julian West among a mostly non-professional cast. Gunzberg plays the role of Allan Grey, a student of the occult who enters the village of Courtempierre, which is under the curse of a vampire.

Vampyr was challenging for Dreyer to make as it was his first sound film and had to be recorded in three languages. To overcome this, very little dialogue was used in the film and much of the story is told with silent film-styled title cards. The film was shot entirely on location and to enhance the atmospheric content, Dreyer opted for a washed out, fuzzy appearing photographic technique. The audio editing was done in Berlin where the character’s voices, sound effects, and score were added to the film.

Vampyr had a delayed release in Germany and opened to a generally negative reception from audiences and critics. Dreyer edited the film after its German premiere and it opened to more mixed opinions at its French debut. The film was long considered as a low part in Dreyer’s career, but modern critical reception to the film has become much more favorable with critics praising the film’s disorienting visual effects and atmosphere.”

Summary from Wikipedia.

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Watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Online

You can now watch Tim Burton’s magical holiday classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, on Youtube for free:

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