Medieval-Style Game Tables

Thinking of buying a pool table, chess table, or poker table?  Emmanuel Couture creates beautiful, medieval/gothic style game tables.  See for yourself.

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Where to Buy a Medieval Crossbow

Whether it’s for target practice, hunting, self defense, or just to keep the neighborhood kids at bay (only joking!), no home should be without a good, old fashioned, Medieval crossbow.  “Where do you get one made?” you ask?  Why,, of course.  Have yours custom designed from a wide range of styles, including straight, Western, Padre Island, Flemish Arbalest, Central European, German Sporting, Maximilian, Ulrich the 5th, or Danish.  The average custom made bow will sell for a few hundred dollars, so they are not to be purchased lightly, but if you can afford it, they are well worth the price tag!

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Learn how to throw knives! has pages explaining how to hold the knife, distances and trajectory, how to throw, how to practice, and different techniques.  If you want to buy throwing knives especially made for this sport, has some great prices.  They also sell target boards.

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Stylish Chess Sets

A nice chess set made of marble or polished wood is such an easy and potentially inexpensive way to add a touch of class and style to your home.  And it’s a fun way to spend time when you have a friend come over.  Here’s some beautiful ones from (UPDATE: I was just informed that any Dark Class readers who purchase a chess set from can get 10% off their order by using the promotional code, HF-5549):

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